Shawn Casey Coaching & Consulting

Shawn Casey Coaching & Consulting



What I do

As your coach, I foster deep personal insight + action to clarify what you want, what’s holding you back, and the practical path forward.

My goal is to connect you squarely to your best self where you are both balanced and brilliant and living the life you want.

From our sessions, you can expect to:  

  • Better understand your values, purpose, and passions.

  • Identify areas in your life that are misaligned or simply in need of some love.

  • Create a roadmap to bring you closer to a fulfilling and healthful life.

I take a holistic approach and tend to emphasize / draw upon:

  • Mindfulness & present-moment awareness

  • Healthy lifestyle (food, physical activity, sleep, & stress)

  • Habit formation and behavior change

  • Routines and rituals to ground you  

  • Self-empowerment and spirituality to lift you

Read more about my coaching philosophy below.

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My Philosophy

To know and remain grounded in your true self is life’s greatest and most fruitful endeavor. When you know yourself and honor yourself, you tap into the reservoir of wisdom from within. This wisdom brings a deep sense of peace and ease to life.

Most of us live in a way that puts our “lower self” or inner critic in power. We are constantly swept away by other people’s opinions or criticisms and we care too much about how society defines success or happiness. We get rocked when things don’t go our way. We are frustrated when our body rebels against us. We feel untethered by an unruly mind that won’t let us relax or motivate.

We find ourselves floating in a body that is foreign and a mind we can’t control.

We feel lost, insecure, stuck, exhausted, and uncomfortable.

This discomfort, however, is your true self working for you, not against you.

It is a sign that things aren’t quite right — that you’re going against the current of your true self.

These symptoms of “dis-ease” are your inner wisdom trying to pull you back on track.

By connecting with your values, listening to your body, and understanding your mind, you will become reacquainted with your inner wisdom and start living a more fulfilled and aligned life.  

By shifting your mindset and establishing healthy routines, you will strengthen this connection.

In turn, you will feel centered, confident, and in control.

An easier existence arrives when your mind and body are in sync with your soul:

  • Physical ailments become less mysterious and frustrating

  • Giving your body what it needs becomes easier

  • Stress and restlessness settle down

  • Confidence goes up and emotions even out

  • You don’t care so much about what others think

  • Your true passions, inclinations, and unique gifts emerge

  • Fear and self-imposed constraints fade away

  • Productivity and motivation increase

  • Your path and purpose unfold

  • Your life flows with more ease

This is a good space to be in — and it is available to each and every one of us if we choose to make the necessary changes and investments that bolster the best version of ourselves.


Experience & Training

As an East Coaster who has been steeped in the California way, I bring an open yet practical approach to the wellness work I do.   

After getting an education in life, culture, and the humanities from Fordham University in New York City, I received my Masters in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and became a Nationally Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

Since then, I've done various trainings in motivational interviewing, mindfulness, Vedic philosophy, and Ayurvedic medicine. I am also a Co-Active trained coach.

For the past six years, I've worked in healthcare to bring a more patient-center approach to improving health outcomes and reducing cost of care. In my time at One Medical Group, an innovative primary care company, I’ve directed the design and development of our Care Navigation and Coaching services, training and leading a team of talented health coaches and patient navigators while integrating behavior change solutions into primary care. 



Thank you Shawn, for your meaningful contributions to my transforming self and life.
— LR
She is so wonderful, kind, insightful and gentle - just what I needed :)
— NC
I loved working with Shawn!!! She was amazing. It was a good opportunity to reflect, tune in, and get perspective.
— CS
Shawn helped me realize the deeper and more meaningful changes I needed to make in my life.
I have always spent lots of time helping others. Shawn taught me how to help myself.
— CB